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About Palm Garden

Palm Garden (previously known as Black Gold Palm) is proud to offer a wide range of quality palm stock. Our nursery is located at 581 Coatesville/Riverhead Highway, just 10 minutes from Albany township and stocks thousands of landscape grade palms.

The Palm Garden nursery is situated in a frost-prone area and the palms are therefore very hardy and ready to tolerate most conditions. We experimented with new varieties of palms in our display garden to determine their appropriateness against harsh frosts we receive in Coatesville and therefore other similar areas around the county. Close proximity to Auckland also means ideal access for Auckland customers. However, we do transport our palms all over the country. We also have a number of indoor palms suitable for The Plant Hire Industry.

All product is bagged, as opposed to open ground.

Why is this better?

– Plants are under less stress when planted
– Plants have less dieback
– Plants are easier to transport
– There is less chance of transferring soil bacteria, fungi & insects.


– Advice on palm selection and ongoing growth
– Planting services
– Landscape design (we can recommend you to a wide range of landscapers which can showcase our palms)
– Palm delivery (please contact us for further details)